The company premises cover 2300 square metres and include an internal process department, raw materials store, finished products warehouse, die maintenance workshop, office and inspection department. Every area embodies the desire of FLAGE to provide its clients with a high standard of reliable service that is subject to a precise and strict quality system.

With a series of machines including mechanical presses ranging from 60 to 400 tonnes capacity, we are able to deal with

  • design of models
  • cold-formed sheet metal
  • cutting and assembly of small magnetic laminates
  • assembly and packing of rotor and stator units
  • semi-automatic and manual TIG welding

Who we are

Our technical staff, who are always up to date with the latest developments, enables us to take pride in a number of valuable qualities:

  • guaranteed certification of our quality system
  • excellent design and production of dies
  • punctual manufacturing and delivery times
  • proven experience since 1969
  • production capacity for medium and large series.
  • competitive prices
  • high production quality thanks to a complete series of machines
  • reliability and high capacity for adaptation

We are also able to recommend the right equipment for each prototype or standard product, depending on the critical aspects of the part and the quantities required.

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We can guarantee the excellent quality of our products thanks to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality system certification which regulates the production process from design to forming.


We produce components for the automotive sector, electrospindles, electrical and electromechanical assemblies, parts for pumps, lamellar parts, magnetic laminations, rotor and stator units. The machinery, which includes various types of presses, enables us to meet your requirements, evaluate them together with you and start production, whether dealing with common parts or special and specific requests.


Thanks to our complete series of machines and the experience of those who work with us, we specialise in various fields of application and production processes. The man sectors are:

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